All WebBSIT students must be enrolled at one of the five WebBSIT institutions. Students from other institutions who wish to take a single course may do so as a transient student on a space-available basis. The E-tuition rate applies to all WebBSIT courses whether taken singly or as part of the program.

The WebBSIT is a Bachelor degree, so you will have to complete a general education curriculum. This is typically the first two years of an undergraduate degree, including basic courses such as math, science, history, English and an IT concentration (Area F). IT Area F courses are available online through the WebBSIT program.

The First Step: Fill out and submit the inquiry form.
Spaces are limited in the WebBSIT courses, so it is strongly recommended that you contact the WebBSIT Program using the Inquiry Form before applying to one of the WebBSIT institutions. Through this correspondence, you will be advised on the best admissions path, potentially saving you the expense of applying to multiple institutions and the frustration of failing to get a space in the program.

The Second Step: Submit your information to a WebBSIT Advisor to begin to apply for admission. Click on the institution logo below to start the process.
Here are a few hints for completing the application at a WebBSIT institution. Make sure you select the correct admissions process (new freshman, transfer student, etc.) and select the correct field of study for the WebBSIT program, you will find WebBSIT in the Bachelor Degree Programs. The WebBSIT Advisor at your selected institution will receive the WebBSIT Advisor form you complete at the beginning of this step.

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Georgia Southern University
Southern Polytechnic University columbus state university Georgia Southwestern State University